Wednesday, March 4, 2009

that night. 2005

I'll always remember this night so fine.
When we were in the lot enjoying good wine.
Patrick says "it's time for the show."
Aaah not yet, were not ready to go.
Enjoying Talking Heads, singing in the car.   ~Feeling like a star.
Why does it have to be time to go into the bar.
That night and feeling still fresh in my mind,
x-tacy makes my heart intertwine 
with the events taking place.
Make me feel the heat
one day that I know we will repeat.
We're pushing it now lets go dance and have fun~hold my hand we gotta run.
So I grab his hand and hopefully his soul
as this intense feeling is out of control.
Much after is such a blur~
many feelings, emotions, and great music did occur.
The way I will remember you face~ no one could ever replace~
as it comes closer to give me a kiss
a goodbye I sure did miss.
Until next time my sweet Alabama~
enjoy the music and let your spirit soar free~
But please my dear Charley don't forget me~  with love and life!  T-light/Candace

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