Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"momma can we hear Bob Dylan?"

This is such a special thing that happened between me and my daughter in the white '84 Volvo station wagon at her age 4.  We had months before saw Bob Dylan in Charleston WV with 2 of our dear friends Nikki and Scott.  Mind you she had seen so much music in her day even then, so many diverse bands.  She was Bob Dylan obsessed!!!  OBSESSED!  We listen to him so much in that year and a half after we saw him until I had to get her Dave Grishman and Jerry Garcia ~ Not for kids only, that she quit obsessing. 
 Okay picture this, beautiful country day driving down the road in Fayetteville, all the windows and sun roof open listening to music.  She was in the back with our dog Namaste and you said pretty loudly "Momma, can we hear Bob Dylan?"  In deep thought about something else I said "Sure, right after this song."  Not really paying attention to what she had said.  I heard her but certainly not listening.  A few minutes went by and she said, "Momma, is this Bob Dylan?"  I said "Yeah, hun."  Still not really paying attention.  About 20 seconds went by and she came back with, "MOMMA, you lie this is Jerry!"  The crazy thing was is that is was Jerry, the Jerry Garcia Band which is much different that Grateful Dead.  I was baffled that she at her age could tell the difference between musicians so precisely.  So another couple seconds went by as I sat there in Ahhh, and was thinking to myself why couldn't have anyone else been in the car to hear that.  She comes back with "mamma, NOW will you play Bob Dylan?"  I said "certainly my friend, nothing would make me happier!"   
I mean it is so simple but such a touching most memorable moment in my life just knowing that music is just as important to your child as it is you.  I'm sure I'm not doing everything right as a mother......but somethings I am!
I love you Carlee, Nikki, Namaste, and Smitt!  This one is for all of you!

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