Thursday, March 5, 2009

One day on Stewart Ave. May 6, 2000

Today I watched your Aunt Carrie graduate from college.  You hung with our beautiful friend Tara.  I let you run around in our backyard naked.  I can still see the vision of you blowing the dandelion towards me.  I love to watch you run around in your pureness.  Innocent yet so wild. Curious and curiouser, FULL OF LIFE.  Running like a prisoner set free, still so precious.  The way you say momma~ like a chirp from a baby bird.  In every way it means ~I need you mommy~  how wonderful it feels to be needed.  Your kisses have to be the sweetest and not because of the sucker you had moments ago.  But because you put your hands on the side of my head to pull me closer to get the full effect of the kiss.  I love you ~ I need you too.

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